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Graffiti Sketch / Abstract Calligraphy
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Sketchs of Abstract Writing and Abstract Calligraphy

by Chictip magazine

"Born in Barreiro,Portugal, just outside the city of Lisbon, the abstract artist Nuno de Matos grew up enamored of the graphic tapestries created by the French textile designer Jean Lurçat. He drew as a child and painted regularly in the 1980s during which he also experimented with various mediums that included Abstract Expressionism. His works, largely inspired by street graffiti seen on the streets in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto and Barcelona’s Barri Gotic districts during the ’90s, have an acute Abstract Expressionist sensibility to them.

Nuno de Matos, who is also known by the moniker Matox, creates vibrant canvases that have distinctly graffiti-style backgrounds with delicate—almost luminescent—spirals. The layers of spray-paint are oftentimes punctuated by swirls of looping lines that seem to dance across his works, conveying movement and a lyrical whimsy.
As such, the almost musical appeal in these graffiti-style works by Nuno De Matos’s has come to be identified as a sort of urban calligraphy. This is most apparent in his color-saturated series of canvases of post lyric abstraction.


sketch lyric abstraction by Matox 2011

The stark contrast in color and visual texture in Matox’s works is also higly captivating because despite the fact that the many of the dense backdrops to his pieces appear to be haphazard mash-ups of mismatched shades, there is undeniably a sense of painterly deliberateness. And that’s what gives Matox’s paintings an allure that is emotional and also, in a way, highly personal.


Abstract Urban Calligraphy / Abstraction lyrique by Nuno Matox 2011


Post Abstraction Lirique Aemic writing by Matox 2011


As Geoges Mathieu said years ago "Only the quick action can capture and express that which emanates from the depths of being without his spontaneous eruption is suppressed and modified by reflection and rational intervention"


abstraction lyrique actuelle par Nuno Matox 2011

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