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Urban Wall Projection / Light Graffiti

Présentation des créations multimédias et vidéo

The Urban video installations and nomad wall projections by Nuno de Matos / MATOX visuals.
On the walls of many cities around the world, we realise video sets and mappings, based in his lightwritings and abstracts lightgraffitis of the artist.
You can found below some pics of Projections in Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Sharjah and Dubai.

lightwriting tag

Alfama - Lisboa Skin 2010

dubai art performence

Light projection - Sharjah - Emirates

light performence graffiti

Nancy - éclat nocturn festival 2012 - Wallpainting

light calligraphy light wall projection

Wall projection Perpignan

light tag matox

Wall tag video projection

wild light painting

Wild tag performance

agbar torre nit barcelona

Agbar Tower tunnel

grafite de luz

Light painting Barcelona

paris light projection

Light graffiti in Paris

street light art

Street nomad projections



Pour tout projet de video / reportage contacter en envoyant un message à contact (@) matox.fr

Nuit Blanche 2011 - Brussels

Nuit Blanche 2011 Bruxelles from Nuno de Matox on Vimeo.


for any enquiries in film project / video opening / motion project send message to contact (@) matox.fr

Berlin Urban Street Art Trailer from Nuno de Matox on Vimeo.


redmix vj
vj mix


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nuno de matos - matox visuals - 2008 - videoart

motion mix graffiti abstrait