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nuno matox

Eus / french catalonia in the middle of Barcelona/Toulouse/ Montpellier

Nuno de Matos - Matox
1971 Barreiro – Lisbon
Live and work between Eus (Pyrénées-Orientales)-France and Lisbon-Portugal

Nuno de Matos, aka Matox, has grown up at Saint-Céré, France, near the alelier of Jean Lurçat. He studied at the University of Toulouse, now he lives at Eus, a famous village in the French Catalonia.

He draws since he was a child and paint since the 80s. His paintings have evolutes, from body diagrams to expressive abstracts textures. The basic line is the principal structure of his work.
Street art, urban art of the streets of Lisbon and Barcelona, and rupest art of his Quercy's roots have influenced his graffiti work. Bombing art, spray and calligraphy are explored in abstract and expressionist paintings. Tribal Graffiti, Webtagging and laser tagging are for him new ways of expression.

He realizes video skinning for live performance (neograffiti, laser painting, projection on walls, graffskining, lightdesign, lightgraffiti), post-graffiti live in mix sessions. He works principally at Eus, but also in Lisbon, Toulouse and Barcelona.
His work is showed in many projects, principally in the area of Post Graffiti events and multimedia installations all around Europe.



Wall painting at the Maraya Art Center, Sharjah, UAE - april 15th

Biennial of Calligraphy of Sharjah - april>june 2012 - Emirate of Sharjah - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

March 24th and 25th 2012, General Openning Anima Gallery - The Pearl - QATAR

Fresh Produices - Anno Domini Gallery - San José, California, USA


Urban art Fair by Artaq - Espace Comimnes 75 003 Paris, FRANCE

Nuit Blanche 2011 Bruxelles, BELGIQUE

Lisboa skin, Lisbonne, PORTUGAL

Urban awards, Galerie Espace ART 22, Bruxelles, BELGIQUE


Urban art im Berlin, Stattbad, Berlin, ALLEMAGNE

Espace Beaurepaire, 75011 Paris, FRANCE

Croisée d'Art, Eus, FRANCE

Sounds and Words of Europe, Braga, PORTUGAL

Volubilis, Fabrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbonne, PORTUGAL

Installation Graffmix, Fabrica, Lisbonne, PORTUGAL


Sounds and words of Europe, Roma, ITALIE

Traces Contemùporaines, Cahors, FRANCE

Abstracto Express, Galerie Marianne, Argelès, FRANCE

Abstracto Express, Galerie du cercle des Arts, Toulouse, FRANCE


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Atelier in Eus - Pyrénées Orientales - French Catalonia

ateleir matox

Matox art - Graffiti artist , post graffiti artist - graffiti art studio - graffiti artist studio

London -Barcelona -Paris - Berlin- Lisbon- Madrid- Porto- Toulouse- Marseille- New York

Nuno de Matox

post graffiti

Atelier in Eus


Atelier in Eus (part) French Catalinia


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